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I love to tell stories, I love to share my experiences, I love photography. On top of that I’m a bit of a techie, always interested in trying out new techniques and expanding my knowledge.

About Benny Dor

Growing up me and my dad visited multiple car racing events year in, year out. One of the goals was to capture those cars, while they were rushing through the corners. Trying to capture the speed in the picture. My first job earnings as a kid were spent on a digital camera, a Canon Powershot A30. If you would look up the specs, every modern phone would outperform it nowadays, but it was my pride and joy.

It was never my goal to make photography my profession. Although I took it very seriously, with even take some assignment it has never been my full-time job. I invested my scarce time and money in building up experience, knowledge and gear. I just love to photograph and to share my experiences.

During the years my main subject of photography switched to my kids and holidays. Having to walk around with the kids, in hot and narrow city streets, with all their necessities and a heavy camera made me to not want to carry the camera around anymore. I caught myself on leaving the camera at home.

And then came the rise of the mirrorless camera. I closely followed the development and ultimately did the best investment for my photography love. I bought a Fujifilm X-series camera. Small, lightweight and a great picture quality. I was in love again.

I hope my photography encourage you to pick up your camera again, even if it’s just your mobile phone. Just be aware of your surrounding, spot that composition and capture that shot.

Thanks for reading my story and visiting my website.